Stefanie BLAND's “Who to DINNER LOOK” asks that can sit at the table - the Boston Globe

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The Boston Wilbur Theatre - Ma bruins took on the new york islanders at the TD Garden on may 12, 2023 in a thrilling match-up. The bruins were looking to avenge their previous loss to the islanders and get back on track. The game was a physical affair, with both teams playing a hard-hitting, physical style of hockey. The bruins were able to keep their composure and come away with a 3-2 victory in a very close game.
the bruins were led by their captain, patrice bergeron, who scored two of the three goals. Bergeron was a force all night, using his speed and strength to break up plays and create scoring chances. His line-mates brad marchand and david pastrnak also had strong games and were able to create opportunities for bergeron to capitalize on.
the islanders were led by mathew barzal, who scored their only goal in the third period and kept them in the game. The islanders kept up the pressure all night, but the bruins seemed to have the upper hand and were able to control the pace of the game.
the bruins were able to come away with the victory due to their strong team play and intense physicality. The bruins' goaltending was also superb, with tuukka rask making some key saves to preserve the win.
all in all, it was an exciting game between two strong teams. The bruins showed why they are one of the top teams in the league, while the islanders showed that they can compete with the best of them. It was a great game that ended in a thrilling 3-2 victory for the bruins.