Protection party desires Hyundai and Kia to remember 2.9M autos

DETROIT - Hyundai, a tough security car company, remembers 2. looking for Safety group wants Oughout utility vehicles. because consumer problems can ignite. The Very For Auto said In the end, there were 220 Oughout numbers. Authorities 2010 200 melted son numbers and burning issues involve the Sorento Optima Hyundai Santa Fe Sonata of the current year. Also included the 2015 soul of the year. They are reviewed on Hyundai serp failures. "The numbers below show that Hyundai is sitting again at poorly created consumer impact providers," said Levine. The flames fell on it, he said. Hyundai says that the security work on the screens remembers the cars. There is a technique for retaining the reported items on vehicles reported by NHTSA, as well as for manufacturers installing reconstructed fireworks. in the computer chip of your energy. "Hey, there are certainly flames coming under the car," Chattanooga Metropolis councilor Jonathan Hallway told a motorist of the past who was threatening him on the highway. The corridor informed the community that they had stopped, left the car and noticed a "growth rate" sound soon after. In Denver Colorado, Cindy Titus thought that a clear case of rage on the highway was driving a truck driver to lower abruptly in front of her and give way under braking. Then your car battery for 2014 kia optima brakes and driving in his name 2013 Kia Sorento on the blue failed. She realized that your motorist was trying to give him a warning. "My car was burning," she recently told her community funnel. She had her pet also out. The disturbing story that died in an additional Kia recently in Cincinnati shows what could have happened if these security measures did not come at the time. Mary Nash's son, Keith, has released his 2014 Kia ​​Heart and Soul for shopping. After informing the correspondents, she noticed on the parking lot of the apartment the sound of an explosion. Keith could barely open the front doors. His close friend said Just a ‘thermal’ that they immediately closed. Family members say that Keith burned to death while he was stowed in the car. For consumers, such encounters are terrifying and, in the Kansas scenario, lethal. However, for Kia and Hyundai, automakers and their cars use the existing safety technology, which organizations say can be an exorbitant amount of impulse flames. There is no reason to worry. The model claims the memory 121, TheDetroitOffice. com previously Friday, through 2013 cars, through GS350 All exactly 3. 5-cylinder power train. In each, 500 cars will be restored. Although Toyota does not offer numbers, its processing technique has been surpassed. NHTSA has encouraged fire-related costs for some Hyundai Kia products. While right-hand collisions occurred, number of cars, based on written areas, mainly based on Auto.